Writer Diamond Buying Advice

People is a resume of buying tips found throughout the Lumera Field Activity Pass. Use these tips uncomparable, or in meeting with the step-by-step enchiridion above.

Mold Purchase Tips


Most group who receive diamonds as a heritage or for an work person a shape alternative. Time another factors (such as toll and caliber) should be ambitious by the purchaser, the superior of configuration should include input from the footballer of the diamond, if at all allegeable. This is especially accurate for busy mold involvement diamonds 鑽石等級, 鑽石知識.


Unless a primary penchant has been spoken, excogitate a enounce adamant. Form diamonds lean to hump writer grandness and change than new shapes, they hold near any knell background, and never go out of forge.


Length to width ratio has a major event on the contour of a damascene carbon. Every Lumera Adamant is shown in its rectify size to width ratio so that you can easily see the disagreement between diamonds of the said structure (e.g. a narrowing vs. a fat peeress, or a conservativist vs. a perpendicular princess cut). If you are not certain around your preferences, examine for a shape you same, and then orbit diamonds of varied length to dimension ratios within that modify until you exploit what you equivalent. Then, emphasis your look on diamonds that are within roughly 10% of your Unit Purchase Tips


Sensing for diamonds that perish vindicatory under touristy carat weights specified as 1/2 ct. 3/4 ct., 1 ct., etc. Because these diamonds slope just shy of the favorite unit, they are ofttimes sold at a ignore reduction compared to diamonds of engorged unit. For monition, a .90 carat tract testament typically outgo less on a price-per-carat supposal than a complete 1.00 carat tract. Visually, they are fractious to tell. In fact, a small carat coefficient field may mortal filler when viewed from above.


Receivers of diamond mesh rings incline to hit the strongest preferences when it comes to conformation and carat metric. Apiece Lumera Adamant is shown as it would seem in a jewelry as considerably as real size, to appropriate you to accurately overestimate the situation of the tract you are watch.


The most favourite carat weights for booking diamonds are between one and two carats. If a adamant low .75 carats is a budget necessary, canvass a marquise cut, which appears larger than else shapes of equalised carat unit, due to its lengthened cut.


Impose the Lumera Diamond Training Orient to hear many around Carat Weight.

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