Poster Framing Things You Should Know

When you live in a city where entertainment is everywhere, you are then constantly surrounded by its advertisement. Any activity you engage in will end up with you taking a number of advertising materials home, purchasing prints of artwork, taking posters or flyers home. The problem starts when you realize how much material you have and nowhere to put it. The solution is simple: poster framing. Poster framing is an easy, simple option for all your poster-like things and can me a wonderful and unique wall decoration without breaking the bank.

Let’s start with poster and art prints. You can use a simple black metal or black wood frame, which most custom frame shops have, and let the piece shine. Black metal and wood frames Poster frames do not overwhelm or take over the poster letting it be the center. Remember that the point of the frame is to complement the piece, not to distract from it. Posters are busy and colorful, so you can get away with a straightforward black frame. Those same frames can be re-purposed for photographs, collages, even art prints with a simple, neutral mat around it.

Poster framing, then, becomes an issue of taste. You can make the poster a centerpiece in your house. Nowadays, artists are recruited by concert venues, bands, movie productions to create one-of-a-kind limited editions posters and as such deserve to be framed. If you have one of those, then remember that conservation is important and ask a custom framer professional to explain the different things to consider (acid free materials, acid-free mats, glazing options, etc) to make sure your poster stays unique forever. The other type of poster that will require that are vintage posters. Vintage posters are much more delicate than newly printed ones because paper and ink materials have changed and the processes we use for printing have changed. The digital time we live in allowed also for more long lasting printing options therefore making new posters easily replaceable. Vintage posters, on the other hand, are already limited. The paper is not as durable so you can ask your custom framer to linen-back your vintage poster to avoid any future decay on the paper (linen-backing is the only archival approved mounting process to keep the integrity and value of a poster, dry-mounting on foam board, on the other hand, uses regular glues and while it is perfect for new posters, it can decrease the value of a vintage poster to zero).

Glazing options is an important aspect as well since sunlight will damage posters and artwork over time. If you think your piece is valuable enough, consider the use of UV protective glazing which is 99% UV protection and will help your piece stay the same longer. Museum glass, a more expensive options, is also 99% UV protective, but it has a process where it almost disappears to the eye and has little to no glare. It is the best way to protect priceless pieces, generally the only glass used by major museums and galleries to protect their artwork.

Think about your poster and prints and take them to a custom frame shop and have a professional explain all the framing options as well as whatever conservation issues arise on your poster in particular. Remember that there is not right or wrong answer to framing style but there are some concerns on how to make sure it lasts the same way foreve.

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