How to Study Effectively For Exams – The 3 Things You Must Know

Wouldn’t you agree that you should only study what is required for you to do well in your exam? Why should you spend days upon days studying for exams when if you knew how to effectively study, you would have more time for other things.

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I used to cringe when it came to studying for exams. I remember thinking to myself that I had to study for hours and days going over material and always asking myself; am I doing enough or am I concentrating on the right material. I really did have a negative mindset going into every exam, expecting that I would do badly because at the end of the day I really didn’t know how to effectively study.
I remember talking with and observing some of the students in my classes who weren’t necessarily the smartest naturally, but always seemed to study small amounts, finish their exams early and gets great results. What I found out from decided to spend time with the people to see what they did, dramatically changed the way I study for exams.

Understand the key things that these study gurus do and you will start to understand how to effectively study and get great results in the process. Study gurus incorporate the following things:

1) They may not attend every lecture, but when it comes time to prepare for the exam they get as much information regarding past exams, possible exam questions and subtle tips from teachers or lecturers so they go into exams as if they know what to expect.

2) With the obtaining of this critical exam information, they then know exactly what to focus on. Why should you be spending hours and days on material that won’t be covered in the exam. To study effectively you should be studying what will be in the exam, not what’s not!

3) Study alone, but ask questions when you are unsure of something. I found that study gurus don’t study in groups or coordinate meetings with friends to go over material. Don’t waste time, get the information you need and revise it over and over again. Why spend more time than is necessary studying for exams, it should be minimal and direct.

So let’s recap what you should do to learn how to effectively study. Be clear on what is likely to be in the exam, focus on this information and don’t waste time on material that you know won’t be covered in the exam and study alone and direct your mind to the essential information and repeat as much as necessary.

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