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Coaching basketball is not for the weak hearted. This applies even for those who want to play basketball, because one of the distinguishing characteristics basketball has, is the fact that players must often change their style of play from offensive to defensive in a blink of an eye. You as a coach must teach the kids on how they can enhance the complexity on how they play basketball by mixing all the skills together: pass, rebound, shoot, defend, pass. The better you coach them and you focus on their strong skills, also not neglecting their other skills, so they can develop their basketball skills in a balanced manner, the more basketball legends skills they will have at their disposal to use during a game.

One of the most important skills that your kids need to master is to dribble the basketball (the act in which the player bounce the ball on court by the use of one hand at a time ).Your kids must be able to use all sorts of types of dribble and to adjust their style of dribble depending on the game`s circumstances. Here is a short list on why your kids must be proficient dribblers: Guards – a guard who can’t dribble is like a dog with no nose (he must reach the level of dribbling the ball without even looking at it, in order for them to find openings to pass the ball to their teammates ); Forwards – they need their dribble skills at maximum because they must be able to maneuver the ball into shooting range of the basket, when they are in tight situations or they can`t pass the defense).

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